[후쿠이] Experience Private Washi Paper Mill Making in Ryozo
오늘부터 이용 가능
24시간 전 취소 가능
액티비티 개요
  • Visit the authentic washi making factory of RYOZO Yanase Paper Mill and get a deeper look into the world of washi making. The owners, Mr. and Ms. Yanase have years of experience and will give you knowledgeable instructions.
  • Guests will get to tour the washi factory where they make paper fit for commercials products such as packaging for Japanese sweets. It is a rare opportunity to see such a factory.
  • Afterwards with the instructions of Ms. Yanase, a traditional craftsman, guests will make a washi piece that is perfect as a tapestry. It is made using traditional techniques so it is a chance to experience authentic washi making.

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