[후쿠이] Personalize your Own Knife and Visit Knife Handle Making Factory
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  • Guests will get to visit the workshops of Yamaken Woodworks and Yamamoto Uchihamono where they will get to view the work that goes into producing high quality knives.
  • Yamaken Woodworks is also a rare factory as is specializes in producing knife handles. Only a few factories still specialize in knife handles in Japan.
  • At Yamamoto Uchihamo, guests will see the high amount of labor that goes into smithing Echizen knives. The retro workshop has a special atmosphere that will make you feel as if you have traveled back in time.
  • At the end guests will get to customize their very own knife after seeing the processes that goes into make each part. Not only will guests get to have a knife that they love, they will also have deeper appreciation for it after seeing the labor that goes into making each one.

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