[아이치] Pub Crawl in Nagoya
5.0 ( 여행후기10건 )
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  • "There's nothing to do in Nagoya. It's just a stop-over destination". We know you've heard it before and we're here to show you first-hand that this is absolutely false. Nagoya's nightlife offers one of the highest energy, youthful and fascinating experiences in Japan—you just need to know where to look for it.
  • Our local, long-term resident guides will peel back the layers of the nightlife. They will place you in the locations and situations that made them decide to call this place home. By the end of the night, you will also consider Nagoya to be one of your favorite cities in Japan.
  • At the start of the crawl, you will receive a free beer or highball (your choice!), 4 shots of local sake throughout the night (any additional drinks will be at your own cost), and local residents as your party guides who can speak both Japanese and English. In total we will visit 4 unique locations to enjoy Nagoyan culture and people, with the option to end the night at a club.

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