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[이바라키] Lake Kasumigaura Cycling Tour & Lotus Root Digging Experience in Ibaraki Prefecture
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  • Adventure in Ibaraki at your own pace, enjoying a variety of encounters and interesting spots along the way | Cycle along the lakeside with a guide to show you the best rest spots | Learn lotus root histories and recipes, then cook and eat your fresh harvest! | Take in magnificent views of Kasumigaura on this family-friendly tour | Visit Ibaraki, Japan’s biggest producer of lotus root and dig some for yourself while learning from local farmers

'- Please note this tour is mainly conducted in Japanese, but there will be a short introductory lecture in English for those who choose an English-language option (you may also arrange your own interpreter if you wish) - Participants should be 150 cm or taller - Elementary- and middle-school students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian; high-school students must have consent of a parent or guardian to attend - Lunch is not included in the tour price - Showers after lotus-root digging are not included in the price; please bring coins (200 JPY/15 minutes) - Lotus root can be taken away as a souvenir, but note it **cannot** be carried or shipped overseas - If we don't reach the minimum number of participants for this tour (2), we will inform you at least 7 days before the tour to refund or reschedule - In case of heavy rain, the tour will be canceled; we will contact you 2 days in advance to discuss the weather on the tour date - Please make your own reservations if you wish to stay nearby overn

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