JR 이스트 나가노/니가타 플렉시블 (5일권) 로 가는 [이바라키] Lacquerware Workshop and Gallery Insiders Tour in Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture


JR 이스트 나가노/니가타 플렉시블 (5일권)

가루이자와 / 나가노 / 나리타 / 니가타 / 닛코 / 도쿄 / 에치고유자와
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[이바라키] Lacquerware Workshop and Gallery Insiders Tour in Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture
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  • Dive into this traditional local industry of Daigo Town in Ibaraki Prefecture | Enjoy sake or tea and soup from the local lacquerware at the tearoom inside the gallery | Optionally, book the “Urushi Tapping” add-on to experience harvesting the raw lacquer for yourself (Oct & Nov only) | See the hard work and practical skill behind the scenes of Japan’s famous lacquerware | Visit the workshop and gallery of a local lacquerware artisan and learn all about his craft

'- Please note this tour is mainly conducted in Japanese; non-Japanese speakers on the tour will be supported with the aid of English support tools at key points - Guests are welcome to arrange their own interpreter if preferred - The hands-on lacquerware experience is not guaranteed: this depends on the production schedule in the workshop - Please wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty (less likely to get dirty if you are careful) - For the urushi tapping add-on option, these should be warm clothes including long sleeves, long pants, and sneakers - In case of rain, the urushi tapping experience will be replaced with a tour of the harvesting site - Participants in the urushi tapping experience should have strong arms - In case of stormy weather, such as typhoon, the experience may be canceled; the operator will contact you by 17:00 the day before the event in this case - Guests must be aged 20 or older to drink sake

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