[이바라키] Private Sake Brewery Tour and Shinran Temple Visit
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  • In Inada area of Kasama city, you can feel and learn Japanese traditional culture with my guiding.
  • Will guide you to Inada Shrine, Sainenji Temple, and Isokura Sake Brewery by 3-hour walking.
  • Sainen-ji is a temple that has its roots in the "Inada no Souan" where SHINRAN, a founder of the Jodo Shinshu sect, lived for about 20 years during his missionary work in eastern Japan. The thatched-roof Sanmon gate was built in the 14th century and is a valuable item that survived the fire. You can enter the main hall of the temple and see a wonderful view of a statue of Amida Buddha, SHINRAN, and his wife Eshinni. In front of the main hall, you can see an 800-year-old ginkgo tree with leaves that SHINRAN planted .
  • Since 1868, Isokura Brewery has produced Japanese sake "Inasato" using local water and rice. You can enjoy and learn how to make sake with traditional methods during the tour and try sake tasting at the shop.

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