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[이바라키] Kaiseki Lunch & Tea Ceremony at Kyoyuzen Hanamiyako in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture
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  • Enjoy Hanamiyako’s unique setup that introduces traditional crafts of Ibaraki | Partake of a tea ceremony performed by the restauranteur in his dedicated room “Seishin-an” | Savor unique cuisine that nourishes the body and soul through the concept of “Ibaraki Gastronomy and Terroir” | Start your visit with a lesson from your host on the proper use of their utensils | Visit a secluded retreat with a high 15.5 points and 3 toques in the Gault et Millau restaurant

'- Please note this experience is mainly conducted in Japanese; non-Japanese speakers will be supported with the aid of English support tools at key points - Guests are welcome to arrange their own interpreter if preferred - This experience is meant for 4–8 participants, but smaller groups can book at the 4-person price - Not suitable for young children, but juniors can participate by taking the full adult course - The legal minimum drinking age in Japan is 20; guests aged 0–19 cannot have the drink pairing add-on - The restaurant cannot accommodate vegan or halal diets, but please inform us when booking of any allergies or vegetarian guests - Bare feet are not permitted in the tatami room: please be sure to wear socks - Please do not wear any fragrance such as perfume or cologne, as it interferes with the appreciation of the meal for all guests - Please do not touch the artifacts and exhibits on display in the restaurant - There is no smoking in the restaurant

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