[야마나시] Mt. Fuji or Hakone Private Sightseeing Day Tour from Tokyo
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  • Experience Japan like never before with ZenJap Travel's private tours. Our customized itineraries allow you to explore Japan's best at your own pace.
  • Why choose us? Our English-speaking drivers are knowledgeable guides, ensuring smooth communication and a comfortable journey. From iconic Mount Fuji to charming Hakone and vibrant Tokyo, we take you to scenic viewpoints, hidden gems, and famous landmarks.
  • Immerse yourself in local culture, savor authentic cuisine, and engage in unique activities tailored to your interests. Our flexible itineraries can be customized to suit your preferences and time constraints.
  • Embark on a personalized adventure with ZenJap Travel. Let our experienced drivers guide you through Japan's wonders, creating memories that last.
  • Book your private tour now and discover the captivating beauty of Japan with ZenJap Travel.

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