[야마나시] Mt.Fuji Full-Day Private Tour By Public Transportation
오늘부터 이용 가능
24시간 전 취소 가능
액티비티 개요
  • Would you like to enjoy Mt. Fuji, a UNESCO World Heritage Site?
  • You can enjoy a guided sightseeing tour only with your family and friends.
  • This is a tour using public transportation from Tokyo. Guides and you go to the destination by limited trains or Express buses.
  • This tour includes Lake Kawaguchi, Oshino Ninja Village and Oshino Hakkai.
  • You can also ride on Kachi Kachi ropeway to the observation platform where you can see the magnificent and beautiful Mt. Fuji.
  • For more information on destinations, please see the
  • what to expect, inclusions and exclusions section of this web page.

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