[지바] 4-Hours Quick Layover Tour to Sake Brewery Gastronomy from NRT
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  • Make the most of your flight connection with a unique sake brewery and Japanese cuisine tour! This full experience includes learning about sake culture, tasting sake paired with Japanese cuisine, and more:
  • - Meet at Narita Airport, with no worry of getting lost.
  • - Travel by car to the sake brewery.
  • - Visit rice fields where sake rice is grown, a rare chance to see them up close.
  • - Explore the sake brewery and enjoy the aroma of sake.
  • - Enjoy lunch with traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine, supervised by an imperial chef, paired with sake.
  • - Compare different sake varieties and savor the taste differences.
  • - A knowledgeable guide will accompany you throughout the tour.
  • *Visa requirements depend on your passport's issuing country. Please check before traveling to Japan.

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