[지바] O Neri Cosplay Parade Experience in the approach to Narita san
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  • -Exclusive one-group-per-day special plan
  • -Professional dressers will dress you in a historical costume that perfectly fits the atmosphere of the approach to Narita-san. Makeup and wigs are available upon request.
  • -You can choose from a variety of costumes from the Heian to Edo periods, including Samurai.
  • -You will feel like a celebrity as you parade down the approach to the shrine. Some say it is an addictive experience that makes you feel like a star!
  • -The traditional streets of the approach and the costumes create a perfect match. There are also many great photo opportunities, so you can take plenty of pictures and preserve your memories.
  • -Additionally, you can visit Narita-san Shinshoji Temple for a traditional Japanese experience.
  • -For an extra fee, we can also arrange for a professional photographer to capture your memories.

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