[미야기] Japanese Taiko Drum Experience at Sairi Yashiki
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  • 【Among healing nature, inside Japanese-style traditional buildings, enjoy performances with Japanese traditional drums】
  • Marumori-machi in Miyagi Prefecture is a "town of water and greenery" surrounded by rich forested mountains and mountain streams. The Sairi-Yashiki Warehouse is the former estate of the wealthy merchant Saito family, which continued for seven generations starting in 1780. The estate was donated along with all its collections to the town of Marumori, which opened the Sairi-Yashiki Warehouse Compound to the public as the "Sairi Historical Estate."
  • This activity is a special experience, unique even in Japan, where you can see a live performance by members of local professional taiko drumming group "Tabidaiko" in this valuable historical place, resonating with the Japanese style buildings and atmosphere.
  • In addition, you can experience "Taiko Mindfulness" using Japanese taiko drums. In this section, you can release your daily stress and stray thoughts and meditate.

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25 Machinishi, Marumori, Igu District, Miyagi 981-2165, Japan

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