[아키타] Towards silent unexplored pond, Naganuma Guided Walk
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액티비티 개요
  • This tour goes through varied sceneries such as untouched forest mixed with broadleaf and coniferous trees and quiet marshland. As you explore the forest,the hidden pond of Naganuma suddenly appears.It is superb relaxation spot surrounded by primeval flora. With no wind, the pond’s surface reflect the woods like a mirror. At the entry point of this tour, you will be able to see steam spouting through the rocks in the Fuke-no-yu Onsen. We also have a coffee break. After walking, take a day bathing of Fuke-no-yu Onsen recommended.
  • * From Apil to May, we will take a stroll wearing snowshoes as snow still remains. Not only the mountain trails but discover the deep primeval forests that are normally inaccessible.

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