[아키타] Half Day Tour to Akita, Samurai Town with Lisenced Guide
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  • Premiere Half-Day Tour of Akita.
  • In this tour, you can see how samurais(warriors) lived in samurai residences.
  • At one Samurai house, the head of the family or a staff member will tell us about the residence, where it is still used for living. You can witness samurai swords, armor, kimonos, etc. You can take a nice photo wearing a samurai helmet.
  • There are cute shops in the street of Samurai residences, such as a miso and soy sauce shop, a local craft shop, a Japanese sake shop, and a traditional snack shop.
  • At Japanese Sake shop, you can try tasting of a couple of Japanese sake for free.
  • If you have time, you can visit Kabazaiku museum where a craft man is demonstrating to make local handy craft beautiful "Kabazaiku."
  • In addition, you can choose cute kabazaiku products from lots of varieties in the shop.
  • On the way back to the Akita city, we can drop in a roadside station for a restroom break and shopping.
  • I promise you can enjoy this half day tour totally.

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