[아키타] Full Day Tour to Akita, Samurai Town and Lake Tazawa with Guide
5.0 ( 여행후기2건 )
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  • Premiere Tour of Akita.
  • In this tour, you can see how samurai lived in samurai residences.
  • At one Samurai house, the head of the family will tell us about the residence, where it is still used for living. You can witness samurai swords, armor, kimonos, etc. You can take a nice photo wearing a samurai helmet.
  • There are cute shops in the street of Samurai residences, such as a miso and soy sauce shop, a local craft shop, a Japanese sake shop, and a traditional snack shop.
  • Lake Tazawa is a mysterious Lake and the deepest one in Japan.
  • The golden statue of Tatsuko is a must-see spot in Akita.
  • Please take memorial photos at the shore of Lake Tazawa.
  • We enjoy lunch at Kakunodate town or near Lake Tazawa.

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