[아키타] Fluffy New Snow and the Earth beating, Goshougake Oyunuma Snowshoeing Tour
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  • “Goshougake Nature Research Route” is a walking trail by Goshougake Onsen, where you can observe geothermal activities associated with volcanoes. The snowshoes route leads you through fluffy new snow at an altitude of 1000m. The sight can make you want to dive into the snow right away! At the destination Oyunuma, you can see close up the whizzing steam rising up. It is a rare spot where you can feel with allbody and soul the planet Earth itself. We also have a coffee break. After walking, take a day-time bathing of Goshougake Onsen recommended. *The short course is suitable for beginners and those that are not confident in their physical ability. *The long course is the scenic route with more up-down trails. Recommended for the more adventurous and those that want to fully immerse in the snow experience.

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