[이와테] Nature tour around waterfalls that exudes from the beech forest Nishiwaga Town, Iwate Prefecture
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  • After gathering at Hot Yuda Ekimae Yumu Plaza, from there you can drive to the Mt. Mt. Tozanguchi parking lot for about 1 hour, and if you walk an additional 30 minutes from the bollard, there is a stunning waterfall called "Shiraito Falls." Enter the back of the waterfall and feel “cool”. In addition, I will go up while seeing various waterfalls of various sizes, such as Uba Falls, Hime Falls, Grand Falls, Beech Shimizu of the Goddess Reizumi, and the falling waterfalls. After having lunch near the Goddess Reizumi, you can see up close the waterfall that falls from a beech forest with a drop of more than 30m. A rainbow can be seen depending on the time of day. In addition, let's be healed by the beech forest while observing the flora and fauna along the way. You can also see the phenomenon of snow bridges from May to June.

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