[아키타] Walking Tour of Wealthy Merchant's Storehouses in Akita
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  • Take a tour with your guide through the quaint street lined with Japanese old houses!
  • Masuda Town has prospered as a merchant town since the Edo period.
  • Because this town has been the transportation hub, a variety of agricultural products gathered here. Merchants amassed wealth in their fields and created mansion towns.
  • Inside these mansions, "Kura'' or a storehouse was built by wealthy merchants to store documents and household furniture.
  • This storehouse is still inhabited and rare even in Japan.
  • Feel the elegance in the detailed decorations such as white plaster, polished black plaster and lacquered interior.
  • The townscape is home to many historic buildings of this area.
  • Masuda town was designated as a National Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings in 2013.
  • Find the storehouses of each mansion with its unique structure and decoration.
  • In this guided tour, you will be able to visit two to three mansions with storehouse while receiving an explanation.

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