[미에] 6 Hours Omotenashi Private Rickshaw Tour in Ise Grand Shrine
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137,000 JPY

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  • “Oise san” is a name the Ise Grand Shrine is called with familiarity.
  • During the Edo period, more than 4,000,000 people came to visit the shrine from all over Japan.
  • People called “Onshi” or "Private Tour Guides" in modern words were the ones that led the visits to the Shrine.
  • We invite you to experience the finest “Omotenashi” the Japanese must have experienced whilst riding on a rickshaw (Jinrikisha)
  • The rickshaw will give you a higher point of view allowing you to see new and fresh scenery you have never seen before.
  • You are promised a “relaxing” explore with the comfortable seating and the speed this ride provides.
  • A private and pleasing Ise tour led by a Shafu (rickshaw puller) who is also a master of Japanese culture.
  • The rickshaw will pick you up at your hotel’s front lobby and take you around to various tourist attractions, shrines, and the city with the best ride comfort.

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