[교토] A Taste of Kyoto: Private Tour
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  • Food and culture go hand in hand in Kyoto, and there's a food tradition in particular that makes the city even more flavorful. Ready to try it?
  • Get a taste of the food scene that characterizes Kyoto and it's known around the world. Try Gekkeikan sake, Japanese pickles, and more in its original recipe - forget about adaptations, this is the real deal!
  • Your local guide is a food and culture expert and will show you spots in the city to enhance the cultural vibes. Go to the Fushimi district, and a sake brewery, and get to know more about where this food tradition comes from and how it relates to Kyoto.
  • Withlocals Food & Culture Tour™ is one of Withlocals' signature tours available in major cities worldwide. We work with passionate local guides who earn a fair fee. We support local economies by only offering local products and prevent over-tourism with only small non-intrusive groups. Our tours are carbon-neutral and away from the standard tourist routes.

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