[교토] Highlights of East Kyoto by train, Zen, Tea, Sake
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  • Experience the highlights of eastern Kyoto by train and on short walks, and let an expert with M.A. introduce studies in the history and culture of Kyoto in Japan. This type of transport gives you the opportunity to experience the most famous sights of Kyoto while feeling the pulse of local life. After a short train ride we reach the Fushimi Inari Shrine with its hundreds of scarlet shrine gates. Then we come to Manpuku-ji Temple, the main temple of the Obaku Zen School, which has retained a distinctive Chinese appearance; Uji is associated with green tea in Japan, and Fushimi is a traditional center for sake brewing . We visit the Sake Museum with sake wine tasting. The area of traditional sake breweries and has often served as a backdrop in films. The final walk through the geisha district of Gion and the old town of Kyoto rounds off this tour.

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