[홋카이] 홋카이도 푸레페 폭포 투어
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  • Furepe Falls is a place filled with the charm of Shiretoko, such as the sea, mountains, and waterfalls of the Shiretoko Peninsula, and the abundance of wild animals that live there.
  • ,You can often see deer and other animals in the meadows along the promenade, and the fact that you can observe wild animals up close is another secret to its popularity.
  • In addition, another reason for its popularity is the spectacular view from the viewing point of the waterfall. The sheer cliffs that symbolize the Shiretoko Peninsula, the blue Sea of ​​Okhotsk, and the vast panorama of the Shiretoko mountain range are spectacular.
  • ,About the route
  • In this tour, you will take a walk on the promenade 1.0km gravel section (2.0km all around).

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