JR 홋카이도 레일패스 (5일/7일/10일) 로 가는 [홋카이] Hokkaido Private Chartered Car Tour Day Tour

JR 홋카이도 레일패스 (5일/7일/10일)

구시로 / 네무로 / 니세코 / 삿포로 / 아사히카와 / 오타루 / 왓카나이 / 하코다테 / 후라노
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9,000~32,000 JPY

[홋카이] Hokkaido Private Chartered Car Tour Day Tour
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  • * Travel around Sapporo or surrounding cities as you wish
  • * A variety of travel plans are available to experience a different Hokkaido
  • *Private customized itinerary, you can freely choose the attractions!
  • * Private charter for the entire journey, with a variety of models to choose from, and enjoy a comfortable travel experience!
  • * Sapporo, Hokkaido / Niseko / Lake Toya / Furano / Hakodate / Otaru The entire journey can be customized

Hokkaido is wider than other regions in Japan. Therefore, Hokkaido is roughly divided into 4 regions and 5 parts including Sapporo City. No matter which region, in addition to scenery, flowers, and entertainment activities, there is also beauty. In particular, the celebrations and various activities held in various cities and streets are an excellent opportunity to get in touch with the local customs of Hokkaido. Some allow you to taste the freshest delicacies of the season, some are full of cultural traditions, some are relaxed and enjoyable... All of these activities add more charm to Hokkaido. If you live in Sapporo or Hokkaido, you can basically charter a car for a day trip on the conventional classic tourist routes, and you can experience the endless feasting and entertainment of Susukino without delay. The red leaves of Jozankei in late autumn, the ginkgo trees at Hokkaido University; the canals and music boxes of romantic Otaru; Noboribetsu Hell Valley, Lake Toya Showa Shinzan Bear Ranch; the sea of fl

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