[홋카이] Full Day Snowshoeing Adventures.
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  • Trekmate Hokkaido offers many fantastic options for a full-day snowshoeing adventure. One unique route we offer is the exploration of the Hoheikyo dam area below Sapporo Dake. This journey leads you through serene forests blanketed in snow, with various routes catering to different skill levels.
  • The tours include experienced guides who lead you through breathtaking landscapes, ensuring safety and sharing insights into the local environment. Some routes take you to hidden spots with stunning vistas of Mount Yotei or along ridges offering sweeping views of the surrounding countryside. These treks provide a chance to savor a hearty lunch in the midst of nature before continuing the journey. Keep an eye out for wildlife and unique natural features along the way; this kind of experience often makes for unforgettable memories!

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