[홋카이] Enjoying Hokkaido: ZIP TRIP
오늘부터 이용 가능
24시간 전 취소 가능
액티비티 개요
  • ・Wear safety equipment, climb up into the trees, traverse, and finally, zip down.
  • ・You can ascend to heights of up to approximately 10 meters, and the zip slide is as long as 200 meters!
  • ・You can tour a total of 5 sites sequentially, from 1 to 5.
  • ・The estimated duration is approximately 120 minutes.

장소(추가 정보)

Japan, 〒061-1356 Hokkaido, Eniwa, Nishishimamatsu, 275 ルルマップ 自然公園ふれらんど内

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