JR 홋카이도 레일패스 (5일/7일/10일) 로 가는 [홋카이] Sapporo Winter Sports Museum (Olympic Museum) E-Ticket (Voucher)

JR 홋카이도 레일패스 (5일/7일/10일)

구시로 / 네무로 / 니세코 / 삿포로 / 아사히카와 / 오타루 / 왓카나이 / 하코다테 / 후라노
인기 관광지・이벤트

9,000~32,000 JPY

Rakuten Travel Experiences
[홋카이] Sapporo Winter Sports Museum (Olympic Museum) E-Ticket (Voucher)
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  • Enjoy dynamic videos on the history of the Olympics at the Winter Sports Theater | Learn all about the history of skiing, ice skating, and more | Purchase tickets online to earn Rakuten Points! | Try 6 different winter sports through VR at the Experience Booth

• Children of junior high school age or younger can enter free of charge • Vouchers are only valid for the person named and cannot be transferred • Vouchers cannot be changed or canceled after purchasing, and cannot be reissued in case of loss • Operating hours are subject to change without notice; please confirm with the venue before visiting

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