SEIBU RAILWAY is Japanese commuter railway transportation that operates 12 lines wide, with total of approx. 180km long, which connects between urban Tokyo area (Ikebukuro, Shinjuku) and Saitama sightseeing area (Chichibu, Kawagoe, etc.). In our SEIBU RAILWAY corridor, we have unique flavors of attractions, which is the rich nature of “Chichibu”, or the old Japanese townscape of historical “Kawagoe”, or our two amusement parks “SEIBUEN-YUENCHI” & “TOSHIMAEN”, Golf courses, gourmet, etc., and of course, our “SEIBU PRINCE DOME” where the various cultural & amusement events are held, along with the great excitement of our professional baseball team “SAITAMA SEIBU LIONS”!!


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