【福岡】 Dazaifu Shrine, Yufuin, and Beppu One Day Tour from Fukuoka
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  • Go on an adventure around Kyushu to see a magnificent shrine and two hot spring towns!
  • Explore the magnificent Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, offer prayers for good fortune, and marvel at the sea of plum trees
  • Stroll through the quaint streets of Yufuin and savor scrumptious Japanese cuisine
  • Explore Beppu's distinctive hot springs and bathe in one of its famous Hells, Kamado Jigoku

Are you looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Japan’s urban jungles? Go on a day trip around Kyushu to clear your mind and relax! During this trip, you’ll visit a magnificent shrine and two hot spring towns. Your first stop is the magnificent Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine. This holy ground is considered to be the most important of the Tenmangu shrines in the country, which were built as dedications to Suguwara Michizane, an iconic man of letters and politician of the Heian period. You’ll be given the chance to go for a walk around its hallowed halls, marvel at the many plum trees inside, and even offer prayers for good fortune. Next up is the humble village of Yufuin, a hot spring town surrounded by sublime nature. To cap off the tour, you’ll drop by Beppu, which is the most popular hot spring town in the country. It’s known for having a variety of specialty baths, especially the Hells. Through this trip, you’ll be able to bathe in one of them: the Kamado Jigoku, loosely translated as 'cooking pot hell.


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