【京都】 Kyoto Night Tour in Kimono with Tea Ceremony & Zen-style Dinner
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Embark on an enchanting Kyoto night tour that blends tradition and elegance for an unforgettable experience. Begin at Yume Kyoto Kodaiji Shop, where you'll be transformed into a graceful figure as you don a stunning kimono, embracing the essence of Japanese culture. Stroll along the atmospheric Nene no Michi, an ancient stone path leading to Yasaka Shrine, adorned with lanterns that cast a warm glow. Capture the ethereal beauty of Hanamikoji Street, where wooden machiya townhouses and charming shops evoke a sense of nostalgia. Indulge in the serene ambiance of a tea ceremony at Ryokan Yoshi Ima, where skilled hosts will guide you through the art of tea preparation, fostering a deep appreciation for this revered ritual. Culminate your journey with a Zen-style dinner, savoring delicately crafted dishes that harmonize flavors and aesthetics. Finally, return the kimono, cherishing the memories of an evening steeped in the timeless allure of Kyoto's cultural heritage


Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo: 17 Nishikujo Inmachi, Minami Ward, Kyoto, 601-8412, Japan