Manyou: Specialty store of folding fans

扇子 専門店 万葉

Manyou: Specialty store of folding fans

We can write names or your favorite letters on your selected fan. Our craftsmen will write each one of the letters by calligraphy.

We are a fan specialty store. We sell various fans such as for display, for fanning when it is hot or for dancing. Please have a look at our wide variety of selections as well as our original designs (products made in Japan).
The fan is called suehiro in another word, it means endlessly leading as a lucky charm, (meaning luck continues, or continuing to flourish, etc) it is suitable for a souvenir or a gift for celebrations and loved by everyone. *We use Japanese paper for wrapping the products.
The fan originated back to the Heian period (700’s) and since then it has been one of the representative Japanese traditional crafts. It has been widely used on various occasions in Japan such as the public events of the Imperial Family, shrines, events of temples, weddings, nogaku (Japanese masked drama), kabuki, nihon-buyo (classical Japanese dance), tea ceremonies, rakugo (Japanese verbal entertainment) and festivals. Please enjoy selecting your favorite fan at this quiet and authentic shop.
We are looking forward to welcoming you at our shop.


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    2-15-2, Kaminarimon, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, 111-0034

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