Small leather products made by craftsmen from Asakusa which look as if they were made by fine arts. Would you like to have a look at products of Asakusa Bunko (Japanese traditional hand-made crafts shop)?

Small leather products from Asakusa Bunko, putting various colors of patterns onto pure-white tanned Himeji-produced leather. Beautiful small leather products from Asakusa Bunko are produced carefully by yuzen (printed silk) craftsmen with their skillful command of traditional techniques. The base patterns are produced by kata-yuzen (printing silk using cutting paper patterns) of Edo-komon (Edo style of putting small patterns) techniques while checking the status of the leather, which tends to expand and become less dense according to the humidity and temperature. It is extremely difficult to put each color without any mistakes. Also, delicate expressions such as the shadow of a flower and the edge of a leaf are produced carefully by tegaki-yuzen (handmade) with every stroke. Moreover, to deepen the pattern, pattern embossing is used to create a three-dimensional effect and its shadow.
Please have a look at our products and feel free to touch them in our shop to enjoy the smooth and puffy feel of products created by craftsmen’s authentic and delicate techniques.
The main store of Asakusa Bunko has regular workshops for tegaki-yuzen. Please visit our store.


  • Address

    YN building the first floor, 1-10-2, Asakusa, Taitou-ku, Tokyo, 111-0032

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  • Nearest Station
    Asakusa Station
    ・ Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
    ・ Toei Asakusa Line
    ・ Tobu Isesaki Line (Tobu Sky Tree Line)
    ・ Tsukuba Express
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    Our staff may only be able to communicate in Japanese.


  • Hours
    Every day 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Closed
  • Budget
    1,080 JPY - 62,640 JPY
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    Official Site
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    English, Chinese (Traditional), Korean
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    Japanese Yen (JPY)
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