Memorial Ship Mikasa


Memorial Ship Mikasa

This is one of the three greatest commemorative ships in the world. It has been preserved as a symbol of the nation’s pride that attained the victory in the naval battle for defending national independence.

The 6-6 Fleet Build-Up Plan, which the Japanese government at the time promoted to fight against the astonishing military forces of the great Western powers, was an immense armament plan with six battleships and six armored cruisers as its core. The Mikasa was built as the 6th battleship of the fleet in 1902. In 1905, during the Russo-Japanese War, it took an active role as the flagship of the Combined Fleet led by Heihachiro Togo, the Commander-in-Cheif of the Combined Fleet. At the intercepting battle against the Second and the Third Pacific Fleets, which were deployed by Russia in order to recover the disadvantaged military situation, the Mikasa bravely fought on the frontline despite being under concentrated fire, which contributed to making Russia surrender. Later on, although there was a movement to dispose of the Mikasa because of the age of the warship, people's voices increased to preserve the Mikasa as a symbol of nation's pride that defended the national independence, and it was moved to its current location for preservation in 1926. The Mikasa, along with the HMS Victoria of Great Britain and the Constitution of the U.S., was designated as one of the three greatest commemorative ships of the world, which fought to defend nation's independence and led to historic victories. Take a Mikasa Loop Bus at the Yokosuka-chuo Station on the Keihin Express Line and get off at the Mikasa Park Stop. It is located a two-minute walk from the bus stop.


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