Enoshima Aquarium


Enoshima Aquarium

Edutainment style aquarium where you can enjoy learning about the ”Sagami Bay and the Pacific Ocean,” the treasury of the marine life, and ”creatures” as basic themes.

Facing the Sagami Bay, the aquarium has an outstanding location where the World Heritage, Mt. Fuji, and the scenic Enoshima can be viewed. You can observe the beautiful Japanese sardines swimming in groups among 90 different types of 20,000 fishes in the enormous aquarium, which is a miniature of the Sagami Bay located in front of the museum. There are 2 diving shows inside the water tank for visitors to enjoy a closer look at the fishes. Two exhibitions about jellyfish, which are “healing” and “learning” are a must-see since these exhibitions have been developed for about 60 years through its breeding and study, and exhibition method. The “healing” area holds the one and only jellyfish show, that is, to introduce the world of jellyfish, its ecology, and its selected displays inside the submarine-looking hall. The museum has plenty of highlights such as the turtles’ beach, a sandy beach for the egg-laying of the turtles where you can enjoy watching them slowly swim by. There are also other high-lights such as the lovely penguins and seals. It is located just three-minute walk from the Katase-enoshima Station on the Odakyu Enoshima Line.


  • Address

    2-19-1, Katasekaigan, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa, 251-0035

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  • Nearest Station
    Katase-Enoshima Station
    ・ Odakyu Enoshima Line
    3 minutes on foot
  • Phone Number


    Our staff may only be able to communicate in Japanese.


  • Hours
    Every day 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Closed