Shibuya Crossing


Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya is a very popular town for younger generations, and this crossing is one of the biggest scramble crossings in the world. It is a famous spot that appears in many movies.

The Shibuya Scramble Crossing is right in front of the Hachiko (a statue of a dog) Exit of the Shibuya Station. Many shopping centers specialized in fashion-related products stand in a row in Shibuya, which is known to be very popular among young people. Sometimes, as many as 3,000 people are crossing during a green light, and its traffic volume is one of the highest in the world. In order to see a magnificent view of so many people crossing from every direction, this place has become more popular as a sightseeing spot these days. As many foreign movies and music videos of famous artists are filmed at this place, the crossing became well-known in the world. If you join in the crossing crowd, you may feel as if you are blending into a movie scene. On a day of a special event like Halloween, the crossing becomes even busier than usual.


  • Address

    Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo bottom, 150-0043

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  • Nearest Station
    Shibuya Station
    ・ JR Yamanote Line
    ・ JR Saikyo Line
    ・ Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
    ・ Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line
    ・ Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line
    ・ Tokyu Toyoko Line
    ・ Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line
    ・ Keio Inokashira Line
    Hachiko Exit
    1 minute on foot