Hachikokuyama ryokuchi


Hachikokuyama ryokuchi

One of the four metropolitan parks at Sayama hill. Enjoy walking in the thicket that stretches through the entire park.

Hachikokuyama Park at the east end of Sayama hill is one of four metropolitan parks with abundant nature on the western Kanto plain. Here, thickets of konara oak (Quercus serrata) and sawtooth oak (Quercus acutissima) fill the whole park, and you can observe various wild birds and insects. The park also features remnants of landforms and paths from the Edo period. Nearby is an ancient battlefield from the Kamakura period, and there stands a monument to Nitta Yoshisada, warlord of the Minamoto clan, on top of the mountain. The ridgeway with seasonal flowers such as Japanese cherry (Prunus serrulata) and Rhododendron kaempferi is easy to walk and has nice views. Around Futatsuike pond at the south end of the park is a spot for birdwatching. A five-minute walk from Seibuen Station on Seibu Seibu-en Line.


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    Suwacho, Higashimurayama-shi, Tokyo 2.3 chome, 189-0026

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  • Nearest Station
    Seibuen Station
    ・ Seibu Seibu-en Line
    5 minutes on foot
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