Tokyo Yasaiya Roppongiten and Nikko Pass (Asakusa Pick Up) - 2Days Package

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Nikko Pass (Asakusa Pick Up) - 2Days

Kinugawa / Nikko
Popular areas and events
Kinugawa Onsen Nikko Tosho-gu Tobu World Square

2,040 JPY

Tokyo Yasaiya Roppongiten
4.5 ( 2 reviews )
  • In our shop, all seats accept you and your animal companion together! Enjoy our heartfelt dishes in which the original flavors of vegetables are alive. Our space will make you relaxed with your dog.
  • Serving fresh vegetables in season along with moving techniques of cooking on a hot iron plate, Yasaiya Roppongi Shop is located in Roppongi like a hideaway for urban dwellers.
  • You can also be seated at the counter with your animal companion. Have a nice time there with your dog, closely watching a live performance of cooking on a hot iron plate.
  • Our head chef qualified as a pet animal nutritionist entertains your dog with special meals.
  • You are also welcome to celebrate your dog’s birthday or anniversary at our shop.
  • We will prepare three kinds of handmade cakes (vegetables, meat and fruit) according to your dog’s taste.

Kishida Building 1F,7-18-8, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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