Shizuoka Yutorelo Atami and JR Pass for Whole Japan (7, 14, 21 Days) Package

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JR Pass for Whole Japan (7, 14, 21 Days)

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Shizuoka Yutorelo Atami
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13,200 JPY

  • Upon stepping through the entrance, guests are greeted by a footbath cafe with ocean views of Sagami Bay, and the footbath may be enjoyed free-of-charge.
  • The sulphur hot springs here are known for containing ”one of the three most effective hot spring properties for enhancing beauty
  • ” which guests can enjoy in three types of baths: an open-air bath, jet bath spa and a large public bath.
  • Guests are welcome to use the massage chair and the foot pressure point path just outside of the large public bath.
  • Specially-prepared Japanese kaiseki (multi-course meal) featuring steak may be enjoyed at the open grill restaurant.
  • There is a colorful array of yukata (summer kimonos) available from which guests may select their favorite patterns to wear to during their stay.
  • On the premises are a bar for relaxing and a recreation room equipped with a ping pong table and billiards.
  • Each room is furnished with a humidifying air purifier, a nano steamer and a nanocare hair dryer.
  • There is also an aesthetics spa (Please note that there are separate charges for use and reservations are required due to irregular holidays.).
  • Wi-Fi is only available in the lobby (free of charge).

1173-534, Izusan, Atami-shi, Shizuoka

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