[Yamanashi] Smelt fishing 3-hour experience plan reservation Dome boat charter (2 to 8 people) Rental equipment included (Yamanashi Lake Yamanaka)
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  • Charter a dome boat for 2 to 8 people! This is a 3-hour experience plan for smelt fishing.
  • The ship is heated and has a toilet, so you can enjoy your trip stress-free.
  • Since it is reserved for private use, pets are allowed on board (for a fee) and alcohol can be brought in.
What to expect

Book online for the ``3-hour smelt fishing experience plan with dome boat charter (for 2 to 8 people) and rental equipment included'' at Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi! KKday, an optional tour reservation service, is selling a plan where you can enjoy 3 hours of smelt fishing by chartering a dome boat. Tools such as rods and tackle are available for free rental, so you can come empty-handed. Pets are allowed on board (for a fee) and alcohol can be brought in.

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