[Tottori] Tottori Sand Dunes & Sand Art Museum & White Rabbit Shrine Day Tour Departure from Osaka
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  • * The Tottori Sand Dunes are the largest sightseeing sand dunes in Japan. They are part of the San’in Coastal Geopark, and the geographical location is very friendly.
  • * You can take the cable car down to the coastline and enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and sand dunes
  • * Tottori Sand Dunes Sand Art Museum is a unique and fascinating art museum, which contains several of the world's best sand sculpture works, and the exhibition changes every year
  • * As the background stage of the "Inaba Hakuto" story, in 2010, Hakuto Shrine was recognized as the first "Holy Land for Lovers" in Japan
  • * On both sides of the path of worship, you can see many rabbit stone statues of different shapes. Make a wish on the "martial stone" and put it here, and the gift of the rabbit god will come
What to expect

Enjoy a classic day trip to Tottori from Osaka. The first stop is the White Rabbit Shrine, where the myth of "Inaba White Rabbit" has been circulating in Japan since ancient times. According to the legend, the rescued white rabbit repays the savior, the God of Great Country, and the beauty named Yagami Hime. The background stage of this story is at the White Rabbit Shrine. It is this oldest love myth in Japan that makes Hakuto Shrine extremely popular as the god of marriage, and people from all over the world visit here. Amulets and painted horses related to love are all here, and friends who want to bless their love should not miss it. Then you will visit the Tottori Sand Dunes, a famous scenic spot that you must not miss when you come to Tottori. Here you can enjoy the unique terrain changes of the sand dunes and experience the unique scenery in Japan. The next Sand Art Museum is the world's only indoor art gallery displaying sand sculptures, which opened in April 2012. Different themes are changed every ye

Additional Info

Tottori Sand Dunes: 〒689-0105 2164-661 Yuyama, Fukube Town, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture


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