[Kagoshima] Beginners welcome! Surfer debut in Amami Surf school taught by veteran surfers (Kagoshima Amami Oshima Surfing)
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  • Would you like to make your surfing debut on Amami Oshima? Recommended for those who have always wanted to do it but haven't had the chance
  • Instructors will give lectures kindly and carefully according to each person's level in a small group system.
  • Even beginners and inexperienced surfers can get on the waves on the same day. For those who have never experienced it before, it is a moment of great excitement.
  • Safe and secure! Wear a life jacket and you will be safe as your body will float even if you fall. In addition, the school uses a large soft board, so it is okay if it comes in contact with your body.
What to expect

Would you like to make your surfing debut on Amami Oshima? You've always wanted to do it, but haven't had the chance. Why do not you try surfing in the beautiful sea? We have a school that matches the level from beginners to intermediate level. Instructors are small groups and according to each person's level, kindly, politely and gently school. From children in elementary school to people around 70 years old who are confident in swimming. Please join us. Our company's motto is to always ride a wave.

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