[Kagoshima] World class thrill experience! Japan's first landing new sensation attraction "Jet boat" half course (Kagoshima Ibusuki boat)
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  • First landing in Japan! Jet boat activity experience directly imported from New Zealand
  • New Zealand-trained jet boat pilots promise the ultimate thrill!
  • The hull is not made of fragile materials such as wood or FRP (fiber reinforced plastic), but is made entirely of aluminum, making it light and sturdy.
  • Get your adrenaline to the max as you run at breakneck speeds under cliffs, drift over water, and perform high-speed 360° spins!
What to expect

First landing in Japan! Jet boat activity directly imported from New Zealand! ! Kumagawa Jet, a popular leisure boat in New Zealand, is equipped with the Hamilton Jet Unit from New Zealand. We just brought New Zealand with us! We want you to experience this popular activity in New Zealand in Japan. With that in mind, I started. Why don't you experience this world-class thrill experience in the magnificent nature of Lake Ikeda with a circumference of 15 km? There is also a power spot in Lake Ikeda where Issi lives ♪ We will also guide you to power spots that cannot be reached by car.

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