[Gifu] Hida Takayama & Shirakawago Gassho Village & Miyagawa Market & Ancient Street Stroll
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  • * 2.5 hours in the mountains
  • * 1.5 hours to Shirakawa-go (private car goes directly to the observation deck for viewing)
What to expect

* Stroll through the ancient streets The Takayama City Center in the northern part of Gifu Prefecture and the center of the Hida region has preserved the complete form of castle towns and merchant towns since the Edo period. Therefore, it is called "Hida's Little Kyoto" and could have been built in the Meiji and Taisho eras. Hida Takayama is full of charm as you take a walk through the three towns, taste local delicacies such as Hida beef and Takayama ramen, and appreciate handicrafts that embody the superb skills of Hida craftsmen. * Shirakawa-go is surrounded by mountains, paddy fields, and trickling rivers. It is known as the kingdom of forests and streams. The village of Shirakawa-go Ogimachi is the village with the largest number of households among the three villages registered as World Heritage (Shirakawa-go, Aigura and Suganuma in Gokayama), with 152 households. The Daishirakawa River flowing out of the Reiho Hakusan Mountains merges with the Shogawa River and turns snow-white and turbid. This is the

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Ogimachi, Shirakawa, Ono District, Gifu 501-5627 Japan


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