[Hiroshima] Calligraphy and Kendo Experience in Hiroshima
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Embark on a immersive cultural experience in Hiroshima and learn the art of Japanese calligraphy and kendo. These fun activities will take place in one of the oldest temples in Miyagami, making it all the more memorable. You’ll start your day with a calligraphy class, taught by one of Miyagami's ambassadors. Here, you’ll get to appreciate the practice of artistic writing and its connection to Zen meditation. Your teacher will even inscribe you and your family’s name in calligraphy on a colored paper that you could take home. After that, try kendo or the traditional Japanese martial arts. Get your bamboo sword and learn the history, proper techniques, and the importance of the semi-contact sport. A sumptuous lunch is also included in this activity to complete your day.

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Miyajima Misen Daihonzan Daisho-in


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