[Gifu] Sake brewery tour & Hida Takayama old town / town walking tour (Gifu Hida Takayama / guided tour)
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  • A guided tour of the oldest and largest sake brewery in Takayama and the old townscape.
  • You can even visit the inside of the brewery. You will enter the sake brewery, and the guide will show you how to make sake, how it differs from other sake, and the history.
  • By listening to the guide's explanation, you can learn about the historical and cultural background of why there are so many sake breweries in this town.
  • At the end, you will taste 5 kinds of sake, and you will experience that the taste changes greatly with a slight difference in ingredients.
What to expect

We will guide you through the oldest sake brewery in Hida Takayama, which has been operating for 400 years under the conditions of good water, good rice, and good climate. In addition, 7 warehouses are concentrated within 200m in Takayama city, but there is a record that 300 years ago there were 56 warehouses in this area. You can enjoy both an explanation of the townscape of Hida Takayama, which has such a special history, and a tour of the inside of the storehouse.

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