[Gifu] Zazen experience & Higashiyama temple town walking tour (Gifu Hida Takayama/Zazen)
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  • You will have a Zen experience at Zennoji, the only temple in the ancient capital of Hida Takayama where you can experience Zen.
  • Under the guidance of the chief priest, even beginners can experience zazen meditation with peace of mind.
  • Before your experience, why not learn about the history of the temple complex/Hida Takayama with a local guide? A local guide will happily guide you!
  • If you wish, we will take you to a restaurant where locals go for breakfast! (Advance notice required/separate fee)
What to expect

Why not refresh your mind with zazen meditation and a tour of Higashiyama temples early in the morning in Hida Takayama?

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