[Aichi] Relaxing and Authentic Tea Traditional Experience | Nishio City, Aichi, Japan
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Be guided through history and experience a relaxing authentic tea ceremony at a court noble's mansion in Japan.

  • Experience a tea ceremony by renting out a real mansion used by a court noble
  • We use high-quality matcha from Nishio, a matcha production area on a par with Uji
  • A local guide who lives in Nishio City will carefully explain the history of the area
  • From the mansion, you can enjoy the scenery of the garden throughout the four seasons amd experience matcha making in a quiet mansion and relax with the effects of matcha!
What to expect

Learn about the history of Nishio from a local guide who knows the city well and enjoy a tea experience at Nishio City Historical Park, a place of historical culture. The place where you can experience tea is the Former Konoe Residence, a historical building that was built in the Edo period and was relocated from Kyoto. While enjoying Nishio's tea in the open tea room, enjoy the scenery of the Japanese garden and think about the life of the former court nobles. Together with the relaxing effect of matcha, you will be able to have a relaxing time.

Additional Info

231-1 Kinjocho, Nishio City (Nishio City Historical Park Museum)

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