Nagano Ikenotaira Familyland 1Day Free Pass in Nagano
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  • * Come play at Ikenohira Family Land, an amusement park at the Shirakaba Resort!
  • * There are many attractions for the whole family to enjoy, including a kid's street, a petting area, and a golfing area for members of all generation.
  • * Adventure Sky, a 200-meter-long glider, and Adventure Canoe, a splashing canoe ride down the rapids, are just a few of the exciting rides you can try.
  • * There are also fun events held every season. Have a memorable day at the amusement park with your family and friends.,
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Japan, 〒384-2309 Nagano, Kitasaku District, Tateshina, Ashidahakkano, 白樺湖 1570−1

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