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  • Pork loin cutlet

    Pork loin cutlet

    • 1,150
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Please enjoy the especially popular classic pork cutlet with our specialty homemade "tonkatsu" sauce, freshly prepared with fruit sauce.
  • Premium pork loin

    Premium pork loin

    • 1,550
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Pork cutlet prepared with marbled, high quality meat using just the right amount of oil. Very limited portion in quantity.
  • Pork fillet cutlet

    Pork fillet cutlet

    • 1,300
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Pork cutlet with hardly no oil and the softest meat.
  • Pork grilled with fresh ginger

    Pork grilled with fresh ginger

    • 1,500
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Thinly-sliced pork loin mixed with fresh ginger and sweetly simmered in soy sauce. Highly compatible with rice!
  • Simmered pork cutlet

    Simmered pork cutlet

    • 1,350
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Pork loin cutlet, simmered in soy sauce with onions with an egg dropped into the sauce to a sweet finish. Highly compatible with rice!
  • Pork loin cutlet served with fresh "ponzu" sauce (citrus-based soy sauce) and grated daikon radish

    Pork loin cutlet served with fresh "ponzu" sauce (citrus-based soy sauce) and grated daikon radish

    • 1,350
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Pork loin cutlet served with ponzu sauce, topped with grated daikon radish to a refreshing finish.
  • Skewered pork loin

    Skewered pork loin

    • 690
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Deep-fried pork loin and leeks, interchangeably skewered together. Served as a set of 3 skewers, but can be ordered 1 skew at a time.
  • Pork steak

    Pork steak

    • 1,950
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Premium pork loin cutlet, voluminous at 250g, served with sweet soy sauce flavored with garlic.
  • Fried horse mackerel

    Fried horse mackerel

    • 1,750
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Fried horse mackerel, one of the especially popular fish in Japan. An entire fish is luxuriously fried as a whole, one of our popular menu items!
  • Fried shrimp

    Fried shrimp

    • 1,800
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Two large fried shrimps
  • Mixed fried dish

    Mixed fried dish

    • 1,800
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Mixed fried dish consisting of fried shrimp, fried creamed king crab croquette, skewered pork loin, and mini pork fillet cutlet.
  • Sashimi assortment

    Sashimi assortment

    • 1,600
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Five items consisting of tuna, amberjack, sweet shrimp, squid, and octopus
  • Pheasant thigh sashimi or grilled with salt

    Pheasant thigh sashimi or grilled with salt

    • 1,500
    • (Excluding tax)
    • Please enjoy the sweet flavor of the Japanese national bird, pheasant. The thigh is prepared as sashimi or grilled with salt.
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