[Kanagawa] Soba Noodle Making Experience at Kamakura Hase Shiori-an in Tokyo and Shonan Monorail Ticket ( 1 Day ) Package

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Shonan Monorail Ticket ( 1 Day )

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[Kanagawa] Soba Noodle Making Experience at Kamakura Hase Shiori-an in Tokyo
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  • Learn to create Japan’s famous soba from scratch in this fun and interactive experience in Tokyo!
  • Understand every ingredient and try the process of hand-cutting each soba noodle
  • Be taught and guided by a local expert from Kamakura Hase Shiori-an, a famous soba restaurant in the city!
  • Savor your creation and enjoy a delicious soba meal at the end of your activity
What to expect

A visit to Japan wouldn’t be complete without devouring their diverse cuisine. Whether you’re enjoying a simple takoyaki on the street or savoring a hot bowl of ramen in a high-end restaurant, you’re sure to have a memorable and delicious experience each time. To level up your appreciation for Japanese food, you can join this soba making experience in Tokyo! This interactive and exciting activity will take place at Kamakura Hase Shiori-an, a local restaurant known for their delectable soba bowls. Here, you’ll learn from their in-house experts and be guided in every step of the way. Prepare to get your hands dirty as you’ll be the one to mix, knead, and hand-cut your noodles. Once you’re finished, enjoy the fruits of your labor by having a heartwarming soba wish.


1-chōme-16-9 Hase, Kamakura, Kanagawa 248-0016, Japan

Additional Info

Japan, 〒248-0016 Kanagawa, Kamakura, 16, 長谷1-16-21 2F

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