Kanagawa Taisho Modern Villa Zen and Shonan Monorail Ticket ( 1 Day ) Package

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Shonan Monorail Ticket ( 1 Day )

Enoshima / Kamakura / Ofuna
Popular areas and events
Enoshima Joryuji Temple Ofuna Kannonji Temple Ryukoji Temple Subana Street

610 JPY

Kanagawa Taisho Modern Villa Zen

15,960 JPY

  • Located just 5 km from Hakone Open-Air Museum, Taisho Modern Villa Zen provides accommodation in Hakone with access to a bar, a garden, as well as a 24-hour front desk. This villa features free private parking, dry cleaning services and free WiFi.

Ohiradai Ishihara 548-2, Hakone, Kanagawa

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